For over 60 years it has been our philosophy that dance should be a personally rewarding and positive experience for each and every child. Children should enjoy their dance classes and thrive in the non-competitive atmosphere that our school offers. Most children will not become professional dancers, but they should have the opportunity to gain what dance offers in terms of building positive self-esteem and developing creativity, critical thinking, and an appreciation for dance as an art form.


Musical Theatre
Tap Dance
Modern Jazz
Highland Dance
Lyrical Jazz
Creative Dance

Classical Ballet
Yoga Dance
Yoga for Parents
Mighty Minis
Seniors Get Moving
Adult Dance Classes
Dance for Special Populations

Registration, Dates and Fees

Fall/Winter Classes

Each term runs for 10 weeks. You must register each term.

 Classes may be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment, please register before the first week of classes each term.

Fees are based on the number of classes taken.

Summer Camps

Find information about our Summer Dance Camps including pricing and dates.


Our teachers have extensive technical knowledge, not only in the dance form that they teach, but also in the many teaching strategies that are required to accommodate the various learning styles of children. Although we recognize that some competition is healthy, and opportunities are available for those who wish to, we do not believe that competition plays a role in presenting dance as an art form. Children should be motivated to do well because they want to explore the joy of dance under the guidance of warm and nurturing teachers.

News and Important Dates

Please note: The online Dance Clothing Store will be open until November 19th. The delivery date for orders will be December 20th.


For more information contact:

Michelle Weimer
Coordinator of the University School of Dance