The College of Kinesiology is excited to welcome you to the University of Saskatchewan for your upcoming visit.

Recently, the university has updated all family change rooms to inclusive change rooms and we welcome all patrons to use this space for additional privacy. As many of our visiting groups to campus choose to use the family change room, we wanted to make you aware of these changes.

The University of Saskatchewan embraces diversity and ensures fair, respectful and inclusive treatment of all its members, no matter their gender identity. This includes acknowledging that our students, staff and other members of the university community, as well as visitors to campus, are able to use the washroom and changeroom facilities that most closely align with their own gender identity. For more information, please visit our Gender Inclusivity FAQ on our USask website.

We look forward to welcoming you to our facilities and exploring all the University of Saskatchewan has to offer.

Request Facility

USask Recreation Facility/Space rentals can be requested by completing our online request form. Prices are listed below.

School Bookings and Tours

When possible, we may provide instruction, facility space and/or equipment to school or other groups at a minimal cost under the following conditions:

  • the experience is a maximum of 2 hours.
  • the facility is available, and there is adequate USask instruction/supervision staff available.
  • the classroom teacher or appointed group supervisor is present for the entire duration of the experience.
  • based on the request, facility, instruction and equipment rental costs may apply.

We reserve the right to limit the number of visits schools/classes may experience during the academic year. Laboratory spaces requests should be made by emailing the Laboratory Technician or by phone at 306-966-1098.


Learn more about our recreation facilities.

A non-refundable $250.00 Facilitv Rental Deposit shall be required for all Special Event Rentals. This deposit will be incorporated into the booking cost of the facility.
A Facility coordinator/management fee of $250.00 shall be applied to all special events rentals for the administration of materials, equipment, and liaison between involved USask stakeholders.
*Youth are considered persons 18 years of age or younger.

Rental Space/Facility   2024 Cost
(not including GST)
PAC Main Gym*  
Event $230 /hr
Practice Only Full Gym (3 floors) $195 /hr
2 floors $130 /hr
  1 floor $65 /hr
Education Gym
Event Full Gym $210 /hr
Practice Only   $65 /hr
Education Playroom $75 /hr
PAC 101
  $75 /hr
Class Rooms / Meeting Rooms   $40 /hr
Climbing Wall
*patrons must be 14+ to participate
  $120 /hr
Racquetball / Squash Courts   $20 /court
Swimming Pool 
includes 2 lifeguards (groups of 49 or less) $175 /hr
each additional lifeguard (groups of 50 or more ) $30 /hr
Griffiths Stadium**
Artificial Turf Youth $170 /hr
Adult $170 /hr
Ticketed Events Youth Football /Soccer $800 /game
  Adult Football /Soccer $1,800 /game
Grass Field   $40 /hr
Tennis Court or Pickle Ball Court
  $25 /court
Futsal (small courts) $25 /hr
Futsal (regulation size) $50 /hr
Basketball $25 /court/hr
Gymnasium Event Pricing    
There are extra costs due to use of: lights, sound, score clock, clean up/custodial use, Security, etc. 
Ticketed Event Youth $800 /event
Adult $2,000 /event
(Available at PAC only unless separate prices given)   
Bleacher Use PAC Gym $400  
  Education Gym $150  
PAC JumboTron Screen Use  $300 /event
  Operating Staff - min of 3 hrs $30 /hr/per person
  Set Up / Screen Graphic Prep Sraff  $75 /hr/per person
Sound System $30 /hr
Education Gym Score Clock $30 /hr
Security rates and costs set by USask Protective Services  
Custodial, Materials Handling, Tarps (on gymnasium floors) rates and costs set by USask Facility Services   
Parking rates and costs set by USask Parking Services  
** Griffiths Stadium Event Pricing   
May have extra costs due to use of: lights, sound, score clock, clean up/custodial use, Security, Parking, etc.  
Ticketed Events (turf only) Football or Soccer $2,500 /game
Ticketing Booth $100 /game
Press Box $200 /game/box
Score Clock $100 /game
Lights   $100 /hr
Dressing Rooms   $100 /event
Custodial, Materials Handling, Snow Removal rates and costs set by USask Facility Services   
Security rates and costs set by USask Protective Services   
Parking rates and costs set by USask Parking Services  
Merlis Belsher Place Booking and Rates


Contact us if you need more information.

General Office
Room 222, Physical Activity Complex (PAC)
College of Kinesiology, USask
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Office Hours: 8:30 am - 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday