All fitness facilities have “conditions” for membership. By becoming a user of the Fit Centre, you are agreeing to the conditions and policies of membership.  The following policies apply to all fit centre members. Persistent, non-compliance of any policy may result in revoked membership privileges.

  • All memberships are non refundable, non-transferable and cannot be temporarily suspended.
  • You must be 18 years of age or a current USask Student to be eligible for a membership
  • Valid student, faculty/staff, or membership cards are required every time you use the facility.
  • All student, faculty/staff and membership cards are non –transferable and unauthorized access of the Fit Centre may result in suspension of membership privileges.
  • All members must adhere to building operating hours for all fitness and recreational activities. These hours are subject to change.

  • Proper attire to be worn in the Fit Centre at all times*. 


Supervisors on duty will monitor overcrowding, unacceptable behavior, and dangerous practices.

USask Rec offers a personal training services through the Human Performance Centre(HPC), where personal trainers are certified and employed by the University of Saskatchewan. No private personal training is permitted in any USask Rec Recreation space including The Physical Activity Complex, Education Balcony, or Griffiths Stadium, unless approved by the College of Kinesiology.

USask Rec offers swimming lessons and instruction through our aquatics program, where instructors and staff are certified and employed by the University of Saskatchewan. No private personal aquatics instruction in our facilities is permitted, unless approved by the College of Kinesiology.

Assumption of Risk
Physical activity has inherent risks.  For health and safety, all members will be asked to complete a Get Active Questionnaire –developed by Canadian Society of Exercise of Physiology (CSEP)

Fit Centre staff are not responsible if you have not read and/or do not understand any of the above conditions. Further to these conditions and policies, PAC members are also required to abide by a number of rights and responsibilities (see below). 


Refund Policy:

Before the Program Begins: 

  • 100% of the program fee less a $30 processing fee will be provided if notice of withdrawal is received more than 7 business days prior to the start date of the program.
  • 50% of the program fee will be refunded if notice of withdrawal is received 7 business days or less prior to the start date of the program.
  • A $20 transfer fee will be charged if you choose to transfer to another program or date.

After the Program Begins:

  • No refunds or credits will be issued on or after the start date of any program except for medical reasons (doctor’s note required).
  • Refunds/credits are not given for any classes you choose not to attend.

 Non-attendance does not constitute as notice of withdrawal.

 If you have questions or concerns, please contact or 306-966-1001.


Appropriate Attire:
  • Must wear conventional workout attire such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, exercise pants or sports bras/tank tops.
  • No jeans, shorts or pants with buttons, buckles/belts on upholstery
  • Tank tops and shirts must fully cover the chest.
  • Clothing cannot display offensive words or pictures.
  • Clean, closed-toe, athletic footwear (sandals are not permitted)
  • Shoes can be removed for a specific lift but need to be worn at all other times.
Fit Centre staff reserve the right to restrict the wearing of any clothes deemed in violation of these requirements.

Weight Room Etiquette

Fit Centre Etiquette:
  • Swipe/Scan student/membership card or check in with staff at the Customer Service Desk when entering the turnstiles as well as the Fit Centre.
  • Coats and bags other than a drawstring bag or small tote are not permitted in the Fitness Centre. There are many locker options available to store belongings.
  • Wipe down equipment after each use using the towels and spray bottles located at the front of the fit centre.
  • Put away weights and fitness equipment after use.
  • Let others work in with you. This avoids long waits for machines and equipment.
  • Report any equipment problems to staff immediately.
  • If you feel faint or dizzy, stop, sit down, and ask for assistance.
  • Always use safety clips on bars.
  • Use a spotter when lifting heavy weights. Fit Centre staff are available to assist.
  • Do not take pictures without consent from those in the photo. All virtual tours need to be approved with Fit Centre staff.
  • Only bumper plates are permitted on the platforms. Please be mindful of not damaging the wood on the platforms. Platforms are closed during final exams.
  • Sauna suits or any clothing attire worn for the purpose of cutting weight/losing water mass is not permitted.
  • Occlusion training and oxygen deprivation masks are not permitted in the facility.

Fit Centre Staff reserve the right to stop one from performing specific exercises if they are a concern for the safety of the person performing them or those around them.

Rights and Responsibilities

 Members are held individually responsible for the decisions they make regarding their behavior.

The Physical Activity Complex is a unique facility located on the campus of the University of Saskatchewan and administered by the College of Kinesiology. It houses programs and services offered to both the University of Saskatchewan community and broader community of Saskatoon under the direction of Community Programs and Campus Recreation staff and administrators. By its very nature it provides an exceptional opportunity for interaction amongst the diverse population at the University of Saskatchewan and the community of Saskatoon as a whole.

All members of the PAC (which includes students who have paid appropriate fees, staff, faculty, and those from the larger community purchasing services) are considered members of the University of Saskatchewan Community.  As such, all members have rights and responsibilities related to use of the PAC, and its related programs and services. Students are also subject to the University Of Saskatchewan Standard Of Student Conduct set out by the University, above and beyond what is outlined in this document.

All members are expected to use mature judgment in choosing clothing and language, and interact with other users and staff in a respectful and professional manner.  We would ask that all members bear in mind that our membership includes children, families and people of different backgrounds and cultures.

The University of Saskatchewan embraces diversity and ensures fair, respectful and inclusive treatment of all its members, no matter their gender identity. This includes acknowledging that our students, staff and other members of the university community, as well as visitors to campus, are able to use the washroom and changeroom facilities that most closely align with their own gender identity. For more information, please visit the Gender Inclusivity at USask website.

All members of the PAC are responsible for their behavior and are expected to adhere to all policies, rules, and expectations outlined for all programs, services, and facilities. In addition, members are expected to be aware of  - and adhere to - the policies exclusive to each program and service in which they participate.

Violation of the rules and regulations set out by the management of the PAC, its related programs and services, may lead to suspension or loss of membership to the PAC and/or participation in its related programs and use of services.

Participation in all PAC programs and activities is a privilege and all members are expected to:

  • Treat all staff and facilities with respect.
  • Act with courtesy and integrity while respecting the rights, welfare, and dignity of other members.
  • Adhere to the policies and procedures set by PAC Management and the College of Kinesiology.
  • Act in a safe and responsible manner regarding themselves and others and adhere to all policies related to safety, and safe use of equipment.

It is imperative that all users/members of the PAC and its related services understand that participation and membership in, and use of the PAC, its services, programs and activities is a privilege, which comes with responsibilities.

Staff Rights and Responsibilities

All staff employed at that PAC act as ambassadors for the College of Kinesiology and University of Saskatchewan, ensuring that all patrons are made to feel welcome in the facilities managed by the College of Kinesiology.  Expectations of our staff are:

  • Treat all fellow staff, patrons, guests and facilities with respect.
  • Act with courtesy and integrity while respecting the rights, welfare, and dignity of members and fellow staff.
  • Adhere to and enforce the policies and procedures set by PAC Management and the College of Kinesiology.


Members in violation of the rules and regulations set out by the management of the PAC/College of Kinesiology as applicable to its related programs and services, may have their access suspended, have their membership revoked, or lose access to programs and services.

Suspensions may be imposed upon occurrence of a single infraction, or after repeated occurrences for any violation of the expectations of members.  In lieu of suspension, PAC Management may impose sanctions for any violation of the membership expectations.  

These sanctions may include, but are not limited to one or more of the following:

  • Verbal and/or written warning from PAC staff
  • Temporary/short term exclusion from a program, activity, and/or facility.
  • Formal reprimand which outlines expected future behaviors, any specific requirements for the members return to the facility, and future possible sanctions for further violations.
  • Permanent removal from all programs, activities, and/or facilities related to the PAC.
  • Further actions through any and all existing University Policies and procedures governing conduct and behavior, including the University Of Saskatchewan Standard Of Student Conduct.

*PAC Management, the College of Kinesiology, and its related staff reserve the right to revoke/suspend memberships immediately after a single violation if deemed appropriate.

PAC Sanctions Committee and Appeals

When a situation is deemed to be serious enough in nature that potential sanctions may be brought forward, the concern will be forwarded to the PAC Sanctions Committee. This committee can choose to impose sanctions or warnings, or if necessary, forward the concern on to the University Secretary under the Standard of Student Conduct policy of the University of Saskatchewan.

The Sanctions committee will be made up of the following:

  • A Designate from the office of Vice-President Academic/Student & Enrolment Services Division  
  • A Student member of the PAC or A Faculty member of the PAC (dependent upon situation)
  • Director of Recreation Services

The sanctions committee will ask for written input from all parties involved in the dispute. If necessary, the committee may also ask the involved parties to present their case in person. Upon reviewing all relevant information, the decision of the sanctions committee will be forwarded in writing to the appropriate parties. PAC Management will continue to keep all sanctions on file to ensure appropriate information is available in those cases where progressive discipline is required.

Members of the PAC who have had sanctions imposed against them have the right to appeal the decision of the PAC Sanctions Committee to the Dean – College of Kinesiology, within 30 days of the decision. Any requests for appeal should be made through the Director of Recreation Services.

Note that sanctions will not be temporarily waived during the appeal process.