Game Rules


  1. All players must present their valid U of S student card to participate in any Campus Rec sports league.
  2. Substitutes are allowed during the regular season and must have their valid U of S student card present.
  3. There is a maximum of two staff/faculty allowed per team and they must pay a $25 recreation fee in order to play.
  4. In order to be eligible to play in playoffs, players must have been present for at least 50% of games for the team they are registered on.
  5. Treat all opponents and recreation staff with respect.
  6. Please be courteous to players who are not strong swimmers.


  1. Each team is to have 6 players in the pool at one time, with at least 2 players of the opposite gender.
  2. For CoRec leagues at least 2 players of the opposite gender must be in the pool at all times.
  3. For Open leagues there is no gender rule; teams may have any number of either gender in the pool. 
  4. A game is defaulted if a team does not have 6 players, 10 minutes after the scheduled start time.


  1. Baskets scored count as 1 point each.


  1. The game consists of two 25 minute halves, with a 5 minute halftime.
  2. To start the game, each team member lines up on the wall at their net.  The referee tosses the ball in the middle of the pool, and all participants race to the ball.
  3. The hoops will be placed along the edge of the pool (not the gutter) at each end of the pool.  The hoops will be placed on top of 4 or 5 flutterboards, to make goaltending calls easier for referees.
  4. You may not knock a ball away that has a chance of going in, once it is on its downward flight (no goaltending).  If this occurs, the basket automatically counts.
  5. On any foul, the team who fouled gives up possession of the ball.  The team in possession must make one pass before shooting the ball.
  6. You may steal the ball from an opponent if they are:
    • Travelling with it down the pool.
    • Passing the ball or attempting to pass.
    • Holding it in a vulnerable position (above their head, out to the side, etc.)
    • Shooting the ball.
  1. Any player who is fouled while trying to score a basket is awarded 2 penalty shots. 
    • Foul shots will be taken 10 feet away from the basket. The ball is live off the second foul shot. If it goes in, the defensive team gains possession of the ball.
  1. After a basket, the new team in possession must make one pass before crossing half (ie: no cherry picking).
  2. Substitutions can be made any time the ball is not around your basket.  You must sub in your own end of the pool.
  3. It is illegal to: 
    • Play the ball while out of your innertube. Players must remain seated in their innertube at all times.
    • Play the ball with any part of your body touching the bottom or sides of the pool.
    • Hide the ball under the water.
    • Strike the ball with a closed fist.
      • Infringement of these rules will result in a change of possession.
  4. After a team commits 3 personal fouls in one half, every foul thereafter in the same half will result in the other team receiving one point. 
  5. If the ball exits the pool area (knocked or thrown onto the deck), the team that touched the ball last loses possession of the ball. The opposing team gains possession of the ball at the point it exited the pool. The team in possession of the ball must make at least one pass before scoring a basket.

Personal Fouls

  1. Holding, dunking, grabbing, kicking, flipping, or pulling back an opponent with or without the ball.
  2. Kicking or striking an opponent, or making an attempt to do this.
  3. Flipping an opponent out of their tube.
  4. Refusing to obey the referee, or showing a lack of respect towards the referee or opponent.
  5. Swearing or persistent rough play.
  6. Intentionally throwing a ball at an opponent with the intent to cause an injury.
  7. The referee has the authority to eject any player from the game if they think any of these fouls are excessive, or are committed too often.


  1. Recreational league winners will be determined by a vote. Each team will choose who they think was the most fun and fair to play against.

League Rules

Make sure you aware of the Intramural League rules including defaults, cancellations, forfeits, FAIRPLAY (conduct) and suspensions.