Game Rules


  1. All players must present their valid U of S student card to participate in any Campus Rec sports league.
  2. Substitutes are allowed during the regular season and must have their valid U of S student card present.
  3. There is a maximum of two staff/faculty allowed per team and they must pay a $25 recreation fee in order to play.
  4. In order to be eligible to play in playoffs, players must have been present for at least 50% of games for the team they are registered on.
  5. Treat all opponents and recreation staff with respect.
  6. Jewelry such as watches and necklaces must be removed prior to game start for player safety.


  1. Each team is composed of 5 players including the goaltender. The game will not start until both teams are able to play with 5 players.
  2. A game is defaulted if a team does not have 5 players, 10 minutes after the scheduled start time.
  3. One player from each team must always remain in the offensive zone of the court.
  4. One player and the goaltender must always remain in the defensive zone.
  5. Unlimited substitutions may be made, and all substitutions may be made during active play.

Playing Time

  1. Games shall consist of two 25 minute halves, with a 5 minute halftime.
  2. Tie games are to remain as a tie during regular season; during playoffs, a 3 person shootout will determine the winner. This is to continue until one team wins.

The Court

  1. The floor hockey court is the Williams Gym area. It is bounded by felt boards along three walls.
  2. The Williams Gym entrance does not have boards, in that part of the court the boundary is the out-of-bounds line for the basketball court.
  3. The court is divided into two halves by the basketball court center-line. Those two halves are referred to as the offensive and defensive zones.


  1. All players must use the supplied floor hockey sticks which are constructed of a plastic shaft and blade. The blades of the plastic sticks must not be bent by stepping on them; this causes damage and shortens stick life.
  2. Supplied goalie equipment includes helmet, blocker, stick, and shin pads.
  3. The use of a helmet by the goaltender is mandatory, the use of all other supplied goalie equipment is voluntary.
  4. Teams may provide their goaltender with a road hockey or baseball glove.
  5. The use of ice hockey equipment other than what is supplied is not allowed.

Play Stoppages

The play may be stopped by the referee/on-site supervisor for any of the following circumstances:

  1. The puck goes out of play near the Williams Gym entrance. The out of bounds in this area is indicated by the basketball court line.
  2. The puck touches the ceiling or other obstacle above the area of play.
  3. The goalie covers the puck.
  4. Player injury
  5. Offside

Restarting the Game

  1. The game is restarted with a face-off after every goal. The game is also restarted from a face-off if deemed necessary by the referee.
  2. The play is restarted by a pass or shoot-in if the puck goes into the Williams Gym entrance. Shots may be directly at goal, and can result in a goal scored.
  3. The play is restarted by a pass or shot from the centerline if the play is stopped for offside. Shots may be directly at goal, and can result in a goal scored.
  4. The play is restarted by a pass from the goaltender if the puck is covered. The first pass away from the goaltender is considered ‘free’ and may not be challenged by the opposing team.
  5. The goaltender may not score directly from a restart.
  6. The goaltender may not throw the puck forward to restart the play.
  7. The opposing team must allow 2 meters for restarts from the center line and Williams Gym entrance.
  8. The opposing team must remain behind the Basketball Court foul line until the first pass away from the goaltender has been received and controlled by a teammate.


  1. The puck must completely pass the goal line for a goal to be counted.
  2. Major and minor penalties result in the offending team playing with the loss of one player.
  3. Minor penalties are 2 minutes in duration and end immediately if a goal is scored during that period.
  4. Major penalties are 5 minutes in duration and do not end if a goal is scored during that period.
  5. Goals will be disallowed if any part of the body is purposefully used to put the puck in the net. Accidental deflections off the body will count. Goals are counted at the discretion of the referee.
  6. Once the goalie has attempted to cover the puck play ends immediately. No players may attempt to play the puck once it has been covered.
  7. Slapshots are not allowed.

Minor Penalties (2 minutes)

  1. High Sticking – Player makes contact with puck above shoulders, or makes contact with their stick anywhere shoulders and up on an opponent.
  2. Tripping – using your stick or body part to trip an opposing player.
  3. Hooking – using your stick to impede the progress of an opposing player.
  4. Slashing – using your stick to strike an opposing player’s stick or body.
  5. Cross-checking – using your stick in a horizontal position to impede an opposing player’s progress, or to knock them off the puck.
  6. Body Checking – excessive body contact between 2 players, to either impede the opposing player’s progress, or gain control of the puck.
  7. Goalie Interference – making contact with the goalie while they are in their crease.
  8. Bench Minor – unsportsmanlike conduct by anybody on the sideline, or too many players on the court.
  9. Slapshots - Taking a slapshot from anywhere on the court.

If, based on the referee’s discretion, any of these penalties are excessive, a major penalty may be called (5 minutes). Major penalties will be brought to the attention of the Suspensions and Appeals Committee.

League Rules

Make sure you aware of the Intramural League rules including defaults, cancellations, forfeits, FAIRPLAY (conduct) and suspensions.