Game Rules


  1. All players must present their valid U of S student card to participate in any Campus Rec sports league.
  2. Substitutes are allowed during the regular season and must have their valid U of S student card present.
  3. There is a maximum of two staff/faculty allowed per team and they must pay a $25 recreation fee in order to play.
  4. In order to be eligible to play in playoffs, players must have been present for at least 50% of games for the team they are registered on.
  5. Treat all opponents and recreation staff with respect.


  1. Teams must have at least 3 players by the completion of the second end, or the game will be defaulted.
  2. All curling leagues are open. There is no gender rule; teams may have any number of either gender on their team.


  1. Games must start no later than 10 minutes after the scheduled start time.
  2. Teams will flip a coin to decide who has the hammer in the first end.
  3. The team who throws first has the choice of rocks.


  1. Each player throws 2 rocks.  If you only have 3 players, the first two throwers will each throw 3 rocks and the skip will throw 2.
  2. All rocks must be clearly released before the rock touches the closest hog line.
  3. Only one sweeper is allowed behind the t-line.
  4. Any rock that is touched by a sweeper, either by their body or broom, will be removed from play (burned rock).  If this is not signaled until after rocks in play have been hit, the skips will determine where any rocks that have been moved should be replaced in their original positions.
  5. For games that end in a tie after the agreed upon number of ends, an extra end shall be played to determine the winner.
  6. The rock only has to be biting any part of these rings to count the corresponding point value.  The team with the most points wins the game by 1 pt.  Repeat this if still tied, until a winner is declared.  For playoffs, extra ends will be played.


  1. Please stay clear of the path that the opposition is throwing to. 
  2. Only players who need to be behind the house (skip and third) should stand there during an end.
  3. Please be respectful of the ice.  Wear only clean shoes and make sure you wash them before going on the ice.  Do not drop rocks hard on the ice if you lift them during your delivery.
  4. Remember to completely fill out game sheets after games.

League Rules

Make sure you aware of the Intramural League rules including defaults, cancellations, forfeits, FAIRPLAY (conduct) and suspensions.