Captain's Duties

Registering and Rosters

  • Enter your team in the desired sport by paying the necessary registration fees by the registration deadline.
  • Ensure the team’s roster is complete, handed in by the registration deadline and that all players on your team are valid USask students.
  • Assign and designate an alternative captain from your roster to act in your capacity if you are not able to attend or play in the contest.
  • Manage your team roster by adding/dropping players using the online roster change form
  • Choose a team name (Ensure the name you select is in good taste and not offensive to individuals or groups).


  • Attend the captains meeting, or send a representative in your place.
  • Know and understand the eligibility, league and FAIRPLAY rules for your sport.
  • Complete a captain's quiz, with a grade of 80% or greater to ensure your understanding of league rules and policies.

Managing your Team

  • Notify all team members regarding place, date and time of games, including any changes made.
  • Submit a forfeit form within 2 business days of your scheduled game if your team is not able to make a game.
  • Communicate with the league manager via email regarding any problems/accomodations.

During Games

At games Captains will:

  • Present yourself to the official prior to the game starting.
  • Maintain control over team members and spectators before, during and after the game.
  • Review game sheets to verify correct scores and attendance records as well as give a fairplay score to the opposing team. Understand that once you sign the games sheet, the score of that game and all other information on the game sheet is official. If you do not agree with information on the game sheet do not sign the gamesheet and notify your league manager immediately.

NOTE: Campus Recreation encourages spectators to cheer on their teams. However, we ask that spectators respect officials, opposing teams, and staff members. League mangers, officials and onsite supervisors have the right to ask spectators to leave if they fail to comply.