Interested in E-Sports?

Campus Rec is offering E-Sports, an online community where individuals will be competing against one another in tournaments and leagues. By joining our events, competitors will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skill and become engaged in a community of students that are interested in the same games. 


Participants must have a GYO account, their own console, an online memberships in order to play multiplayer, and the specific game that is used during the tournament or league that the user signed up for.

Sign up

For Players that have never used GYO before:

  • Sign up for an account on GYO using the link below. GYO is the platform that we will be using to organize events and build a community for all gamers. After clicking the link, select Join Group in the upper right-hand corner then Register for Account. If you're having any issues registering, please contact Support Chat at the bottom right corner.
  • https://gyoca.gg/university/university-of-saskatchewan/register/

Join our group by following the steps below:

  • Please ensure you use an appropriate screen name. Those deemed inappropriate will be changed at the discretion of the Campus Recreation staff.
  • In order to have your application accepted, participants must provide their university email to verify they're a student at The University of Saskatchewan. Applications will be denied if student email is not included. Note: Participants can use an external email to create the account, but we need student email to verify.
  • Once accepted, you can check out the Play/Compete tab to register for the esports events. Additional instructions will be provided on that page.

Upcoming Events

Events for 2022 - 2023 COMING SOON!
Check back in September.